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Because Support is Just as Powerful!

Looking for support as you work on your immigration paperwork? Contact Flo today!

Who We Are

ImmSupport by Flo O is a service that provides support with immigration application assistance as an alternative to full representation. We are a valuable resource  when hiring an attorney-- from start to finish for full representation-- may not be part of the plan. ImmSupport's services provides more comprehensive guidance to support pro se applicants than most other entities offer without directly representing the applicant.. 

For example, if you in the process of going the process of applying for an immigration benefit on you own but having trouble figuring it out? Look no further, we are here to assist you with your application process using our six years experience of legal experience to support you in this process. Not having an attorney doesn’t mean you should have to go through this alone!

Our Services


Assistance as you complete and prepare your packets for renewals of your green card, work authorization, and other immigration documents

Freedom of Information Act Requests

Do you know your immigration history? Do you have copies of all your documents from your immigration records? If no to either or both, you should! Let's work together as you prepare to file a FOIA request from immigration-related agencies such as USCIS, EOIR, DOS and/or CBP. You deserve to have copies of your records!

Affirmative Immigration Benefit Applications

Seeking an immigration benefit on your own and having trouble with putting together your application packet? Look no further. Depending on your case type, we may be able to assist and support you through the application process. Schedule a consultation today to learn more!

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